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There is risk of loss in futures trading. Past results are not indicative of future results.




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Ken Roberts

Written by a commodity broker/former Ken Roberts course counselor


There are two versions of the TWMPMM II the original which was first put out in the late 80’s and a revised version in 1999. This review will be on his more recent version although I have taken the original as well.

The course includes a 112 page manual, 6 audio cassettes, 1 video, 1 workbook, 1 seminar guide book, 1 set of daily charts, 1 set of monthly charts and finally 1 special edition TWMPMM II newsletter.

The first half of the course manual goes of some of the basics of trading options, what they are and how they work. He does a much better job this time around on explaining how time, volatility, and intrinsic value come into play on your options value. The course has some short term option trading instruction but mainly focuses on long term option like the OPIP plan the was taught in the original TWMPMM I course. I was glad to see the Ken spent some time on using an option instead of a stop loss to help off set potential downside risk in trading straight futures. His other programs have always mentioned this strategy but never went into how it actually works and what the costs and risks are.

I feel that the program is easy to understand and should give the reader enough knowledge to begin their paper trading. It is my understanding that Ken Roberts is no longer selling TWMPMM I or TWMPMM II, although they are still available through ebay and other second hand sources, making them an even better value.

Also Ken has published a new options course called The Greatest American Business, which I believe, is the only investment course he is now selling. I have read the program and would be happy to answer questions on that program as well.




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There is risk of loss in futures trading. Past results are not indicative of future results.